Adrian Moore


Adrian was born and educated on Hamp and still has many of his family living on the estate.

Adrian is currently Town and District Councillor for Hamp having previously served as a District ,County and Town Councillor for many years including 3 years as Bridgwater Mayor . He is an active carnivalite and knows how important carnival is to our town.

Adrian has said that he will work hard to rejuvenate and bring back the community spirit to Hamp and knows that the council must do more to bring jobs to Bridgwater .He supports the building of the excellent Robert Blake Science College and Elmwood School as one way of creating local employment and improving local facilities for our young people..

Adrian says “ we need to ensure that no more of our local facilities are sold off and that there is something left for our future generations. I would like to see a better co-ordination between the utility companies so when they dig up our roads this is not repeated therefore causing more traffic congestion. “


Cllr Adrian Moore (Bridgwater Hamp)