Bridgwater Town Council

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The Red Flag still flies proudly in Bridgwater ‘

Bridgwater Town Council was re-established in 2003 and  is Labour controlled. Until 1974 Bridgwater had a historic ,always radical and mainly socialist Borough Council, but this was destroyed in the local government reforms  of that year which saw it subsumed by Sedgemoor District Council – better known as ‘direct rule from Cheddar’. From 1974 until 2003 Bridgwater existed solely as a group of ‘Charter Trustees’ which comprised of the 15 Bridgwater Councillors elected to represent Sedgemoor sitting as an advisory board for the town. Full powers were regained in 2003 and the town has been Labour controlled ever since.

Diogo in his Mayors Chains welcoming some Zambian Church guests to Somerset

The Mayor of Bridgwater is elected every year from amongst the 16 town councillors. In 2018-19 it is Diogo Rodrigues.

The Leader of the Town Council is Brian Smedley and the deputy leader is Kath Pearce.

Bridgwater Town Council operates on a Forum system which involves members of the public in it;s decision making with named councillors taking the lead. This includes

Tony Heywood (Transport & Culture)

Mick Lerry (Staff, Planning and Business)

Leigh Redman (Properties & EDF)

Dave Loveridge (Town Centre & Museum)

Kathy Pearce (Environment)

Diogo Rodrigues (Youth)

The current Town Clerk is David Mears.

Bridgwater Town Council Leader Brian Smedley

Full list of town councillors


Brian Smedley (Labour)

Kath Pearce (Labour)

Pat Morley (Labour


John Turner (Labour)

Adrian Moore (Labour)

Deputy Leader Kathy Pearce


Tony Heywood (Labour)

Dave Loveridge (Labour)


Mick Lerry (Labour)

Siobhan Wilson (Labour)

Fairfax West

Graham Granter (Labour)

Fairfax East

Alex Glassford (Labour)

Mike Creswell (Con)

Sedgemoor Labour Leader Mick Lerry is also head of Staffing , Planning and Business on Town Councilon

Dunwear North

Diogo Rodrigues (Labour)

Dunwear South

Leigh Redman (Labour)


Liz Leavy (Labour)

Peter Johnstone (Lib Dem)