Inika Palaram


Inika Palaram lives and works in Bridgwater.She grew up in the town and attended Haygrove school

Inika feels that as a member of the community she would like to represent the ward to act as an advocate for all those who live and work there and is keen to speak up for young people especially in areas of lack of housing and insecure employment where they face many problems.

Inika recognizes that the ward faces a number of challenges in the coming months including overdevelopment and congestion and would like to be a new voice on the local council to stand up for her community.

Inika is a member of UNITE and was selected to visit Parliament with her school in an all-girl delegation. She believes that she will be a fresh voice on the council, and one committed to the people of the ward and not one who awards herself executive pay rises!

Inika Palaram