Theresa Clark


I’ve been a member of the Labour Party since the 1960s and was a District Councillor for seven years in Bedfordshire. I’ve lived in Frome for 11 years and am currently the Treasurer of the Somerton and Frome Constituency Labour Party.

Following the country’s withdrawal from the EU there are likely to be increased pressures on local government funding and Somerset County Council will face challenges to its budget. This fits in with Conservative policy to reduce public spending.

If elected, my priorities are to fight for maintaining standards of service in our schools; ensure that we meet our responsibilities for providing social care for the vulnerable; give support for local public transport and sustain support for libraries and the arts.

I will support the Labour Party in getting value for money and in fighting to uphold those standards of public service that provide a safe and civilised environment for our fellow citizens.



Stand up for the poorest in our town who will suffer the most from Coalition cuts.