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Wes Hinckes is Labour Councillor for Hamp and now the Labour candidate for the General Election in Bridgwater and West Somerset

Labour candidate Wes Hinckes

Wesley is 44 and lives in Bridgwater, Somerset which has been his family home for over 18 years. He is an experienced businessman and qualified coach including 10 years as a Director of a Digital Consultancy in London.

Wes is committed to a belief in social action and the ability of everyday people to organise and shape their community. As part of his work in this area he has previously been invited to an international British Council organised event which brought together Active Citizens from around the globe.

Wes says “I dedicate my life to family and friends, good causes and community work. I’m a charity trustee and a District Councillor and I believe that people can work together to improve their local areas and develop the strong bonds of their communities.”  

Within Bridgwater Wes is applying his skills with Unite the Community. Unite are Great Britain’s largest union and this initiative extends their support further out into our communities bringing a range of benefits to people out of work, including access to a legal helpline, debt counselling and assistance on claiming benefits.

Wes says “I care about people and relationships, communities and local economies, and the importance of our natural environment. These are values that I believe should belong at the heart of society, business and politics .”

Wes joins the campaign against benefits sanctions

His sister Rosie is autistic and in residential care, giving him a deep understanding of disability and social care.

He is passionate about advocacy and giving a voice to those who may not be heard.

Wes says “My younger sister has autism and she is the key inspiration in my life. She gives me an insight into the needs of others in our society and highlights the bonds that unite us as people, families and as a nation. It is through these experiences that we develop our humanity”.

Wes is the Shadow Portfolio holder for Customers and Communities and the District Labour spokesperson for Community Scrutiny.

Wes on the ‘defend the NHS’ stall at Bridgwater Cornhill with Labour Town Council Leader Brian Smedley

At the recent local government elections Labour retained both county seats, its district seat and its town council seat. Labour runs the Bridgwater Town Council 14 seats to 2 and is clearly the strongest placed party to challenge the Tory control of Bridgwater and West Somerset.

Wes says “Please join me in helping our Labour Party, our local people, and our local area succeed. We need to end Tory austerity that is hurting our people and to do that we need a Labour Government. Please vote Labour on June 8th

If you would like to learn more about Wes, please visit.

Somerset Labour – http://somersetlabour.co.uk.cluster3s18.dnsserver.eu/candidates/wes-hinckes/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/weshinckes

Twitter – https://twitter.com/weshinckes