Labour has my vote, says Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis

Saturday, 16 November 2019
Farmer Michael Eavis will be voting for Kama

On Friday 15 November, Michael Eavis warmly welcomed Kama McKenzie, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Wells constituency, to Worthy Farm, giving her his full support. The pair discussed a range of local issues, including affordable housing – a topic close to Eavis’s heart. To date, Eavis has built 68 affordable homes in Pilton, which he has reserved for local families under long-term tenancies and vows never to sell. Of Labour’s plans to build 1 million affordable homes over the next ten years, Eavis says: ‘It’s incredibly important that families can stay in their local area, feeling secure with homes for life.’ Eavis also celebrated the success of Glastonbury’s St Dunstan’s School, where McKenzie is a parent governor, acknowledging that a change in leadership had turned the school around. The two talked about the importance to the local area of sustaining the school’s improvement and shared concerns about the levels of funding for education under the current government, as well as their hopes for future generations under a Labour leadership.

“Corbyn is the man this country needs right now”

Eavis told McKenzie – the first woman candidate to stand for Labour in Wells –that he looks forward to voting for her in the upcoming general election. Eavis himself stood for Labour in 1997, achieving an 18.1% share of the vote, and he hopes to see McKenzie’s own share of the vote surpass that achievement. Kama McKenzie first met with Michael Eavis in 2017, when Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visited the first homes built in Margaret Bondfield Close.

Meeting with McKenzie last week, Eavis shared that he would be talking with Corbyn later the same day to affirm his support: ‘Corbyn is the leader this country needs right now.’

6 comments on “Labour has my vote, says Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis

  1. Lynn Blake

    Michael Eavis is a socialist through and through, as evidenced by his attitude about local housing. He knows Kama has what it takes to be the sort of MP that Wells Constituents deserve.

  2. Susan

    Excuse me John Crowbridge? Michael and his late wife were lifelong Socialists, I remember seeing them at a Labour Conference several years ago when one of them was standing as a council or parliamentary candidate- so EAT YOUR WORDS !


    excellent news from a man with heart …….we need some politics with heart and so long overdue

  4. alison webster

    She has our vote,anything to get the tories out in Somerset and we don’t have a yellow/blue memory loss .

  5. john crowcombe

    Oh Michael, dear Michael…..whyever to you get involved in pòlitics- it does your image no good at all, and it really concerns me how it will affect your reputation. Please stick to the festival, because you’re doing an excellent job there.
    Best regards….JC.