Red Flags still fly somewhere

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Red flags still fly somewhere

As results come in it’s clear that the Lib Dems have regained the ground that they lost following their disastrous results after the 2011-2015 coalition with the Conservatives taking councils such as BATH & NORTH EAST SOMERSET and SOMERSET WEST & TAUNTON and MENDIP from the Conservatives and COTSWOLD & NORTH DEVON from NOC. Meanwhile Labour has held it’s key South West Councils of EXETER, PLYMOUTH and BRIDGWATER.

In Exeter Labour dropped 1 seat  and the Tories dropped 2 while the Lib Dems gained 1 the Greens gained 1 and Independents gained 1. Labour retain control 29 Lab 6 Con 2 Libdem 1 Green 1 Ind

In Plymouth Labour kept control and gained 1 seat from the Tories. Labour 31 Con 25 Ind 1.

in Somerset West & Taunton the Lib Dems took control from the Tories gaining 19 seats while the Tories lost 31 and UKIP lost 1. Inds gained 10 and Labour gained 1 while the Greens gained 2 leaving a council composed Libdem 30 IND 14 CON 10 LAB 3 GREEN 2

In Bath & North East Somerset the Lib Dems gained control from the Tories climbing 23 seats  while Labour and IND both gained 1 each and the Greens dropped 1 making a council of Lib Dem 37 CON 9 LAB 7 IND 6

In Sedgemoor the Tories clung on but Labour held the town of Bridgwater and made gains across the District council reducing the Tory majority there to  just 8 votes.

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